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British Columbia

British ColumbiaBritish Columbia, shortly known as BC is the westernmost part of Canada and is a point of international trade.

The place is the endpoint of the transcontinental railways and a popular site for the major ports of the Pacific Ocean. That is why it has developed as the international trading location of Canada.

What is interesting about the province is that more than 6% of its total land is though arable still it is one of the agriculture-rich areas of Canada.

Agriculture is the only occupation of people living in OkanaganValley and Fraser. The mild weather of these two places not only encourages agriculture, but influence tourism and outdoor recreation at the same time.

British Columbia and Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria assigned the name British Columbia in the year 1858 and such name was given to honor of the people there who were actually of British origin. The Hudson Bay Company was one of the biggest companies of the province at that time that employed many British people who made a community of their own in BC. Queen Victoria actually located this particular community as British Columbia but later the entire province was called by that name. Afterward, the capital of the country has been named after the queen, ie Victoria. Vancouver is the largest city and metro Vancouver is the second largest metropolitan area of the country.

British Columbia Climate

The climate of British Columbia is largely controlled by the Kuroshio Current, which is also known as the Japanese current. The current flows through the North-Pacific Ocean, generating a rainy, mild and oceanic climate in this province. A successive mountain range is present in some parts of the province that generate a semi-arid climate. In the interior province of British Columbia, this climate is noticed largely. Moreover, both in the interior and in the northern part of the province, the winter is quite severe. On the coastal areas both the rainy season and winter are dominating.

The History

British Columbia was actually known as a fur-trading province earlier on, and then it graduated as a colony and finally as an independent province. Sailors from different European countries, especially from Spain, were the first visitors of the province. These traders started visiting the place regularly during the 18th century to intensify the fur-trading business. Some of them made permanent settlement there to harvest sea otters. It is though said that Francis Drake discovered this province but Juan Francisco (a Spanish sailor) completed the first documented voyage in this location.

During the 17th century, a British expedition landed there and then it turned to a colony from a fur-trading city. Three people are known as the designers of the province who were appointed as managers  by the North East Company in Britain. They are:

  • Simon Fraser
  • David Thompson
  • Alexander Mackenzie

Later British Columbia became a core colony when the Hudson Bay Company started continuing business there. The company operated different posts in several British Columbia cities like

  • Fort George
  • FortUmpqua
  • FortBoise
  • FortTaku
  • FortSimpson

The Changing Period

Since the time of fur trading, the economy of British Columbia developed into different natural resources production such as mining, logging and fishing. Traders from different countries show interest in BC’s natural resources like its canneries, mills, harvest farms etc.

That is why industrial growth was rapid in this province in the second half of the 20th century. Workers from other continents, especially from Europe and Asia started had the option to relocate in British Columbia to establish their career. However, the mix of diversity and culture was both a source of strength and conflict in this province. The first half of the 20th century was a time of change and foment between the first nations and the immigrants.

The Best Attraction of British Columbia

British Columbia is regarded as the outdoor playground of Canada. Here visitors enjoy different types of adventures throughout the year. River rafting, skiing at the whistle resort, whale watching at Victoria Island, kayaking around the islands of gulf are some of the best outdoor entertainments for visitors. Moreover, visitors will be delighted to experience the wine tour around the Kelowna.

A Day in Vancouver

A visit to British Columbia is incomplete without a visit to Vancouver. We feel far away from the din and bustle of the city visiting the gardens of Vancouver such as the UBC garden, the Van Dusen botanical gardens, the flora conservatory in Bloedel and of course the Sun-Yat-Sen garden. Several other excitements such as music shows in gallery row, the commercial drives, etc. entertain all members of a family. In addition, if visitors are fond of special native preparations they will praise the ethnic restaurant food, available at Vancouver, by heart.

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